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The Regulated Adults Mantra

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My mantra, an out of control adult will never be able to regulate an unregulated child.

The adult will be in control always, of him/herself, his/her actions and reactions.

I am the adult.

I set the limits, and not just because. being spoiled is not an adult response. I set the limits for health, safety and respect, for you, me and everyone who surrounds us.

I am the adult.

I respect the limits that relate to your self and your body.

Except in emergency situations, safety or health situations, your body is yours and nobody can demand anything from you. I respect your limits so you can respect other's limits.

I am the adult.

I am the one who takes care of you and I am responsible for your well being.

I am also responsible of my own well being. I will do everything in my hand, to meet all your needs and take care of mine as well. I will try to find a balance between them. I will discover the things I need to recharge my energy and will find out a way to include them in my day. I will do so, to offer you the best version of myself, the version of myself that you deserve.

I am the adult.

I control my emotions and learn how to express them without hurting you. If I get overwhelmed, I go away, I breathe, I cool down and I come back when I am back in control. I control my emotions so you learn to control yours.

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I am the adult.

I do not yell, or shout, nor threaten, nor insult. I especially do not do these things to someone who loves me, needs me, looks towards me to learn what being an adult means.

I fix my conflicts talking, or putting some distance, or asking for help, so you can learn to do so with your own.

I am the adult.

I ask for forgiveness when I haven't done as an adult should behave. I rectify, say I am sorry and try to fix the harm I might have caused. Watching me say sorry, with my heart in it, when I have done something bad, will help you understand that admitting a mistake is nothing to be ashamed of; we all make mistakes and apologizing is the first step to improve and become a better person and a better adult..

I am the adult.

I have patience when you have problems respecting my limits or your friend's; when you lose control of your emotions, shout, hit or push. I make you know that is not right and I do everything I can to help you, without hurting, humiliating or punishing you. I do it from love, understanding and knowledge that you are learning.

Because you are a child, and I am the adult

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Author: Rosa Fuentes - Crianza respetuosa y consciente

Fuente: http://crianzarespetuosayconsciente.blogspot.com/2016/12/yo-soy-el-adulto.html

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