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Here you will find the latest additions to our information and happenings

1º Curso de Asistente Montessori de 0-3 años Certificado por AMI

Fecha: Del 5 al 19 de Septiembre  del 2020

Lugar: Montessori Community Granada


  • De Lunes a Viernes: 15.00-20.30

  • Sábados: 9.00-17.00


Si tienes un hij@ o eres un profesional interesado en el método Montessori,

¡Éste es el lugar donde necesitas estar! 

Matrículas curso 2019-2021

Matrículas abiertas.

Clases Extraescolares

Tenemos muchas actividades: Nido Montessori-Pikler, Inglés con Kids & Us, Zumba kids, Yoga para familias, Música con Gorgoritos... Échale un vistazo.


Visita nuestro blog e infórmate sobre cómo y por qué educar de una manera diferente.


Para responder a todas las preguntas y situaciones que piuedan surgirte, desde el embarazo hasta los 6 años, tenemos clases y talleres para todas tus necesidades: Embarazo y lactancia, alimentación complementaria, disciplina positiva, preparar la habitación del bebé... Y puedes sugerirnos más opciones.


The bilingual Montessori center for your child

Este mes de un vistazo:

Our Story

Everything started when Estefanía and Sandra decided to apply everything they had learnt during their Master in Montessori Pedagogy (0-6 years), The only Certified Master in Montessory Pedagogý in Europe by the University of Vic and the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale).

"We realized that traditional education doesn't respond adequately to the needs of the children nor to their Sensitive Periods of learning, therefore we decided to create this project, to give an answer to this need and to help spread the practice of the Montessori Method as

"Education For Life""


Estefanía and Sandra decided to create a center of high quality for children of ages 0-3 on the vecinity of Otura, Granada.


Our Center

Locates in Camacho street, 6, Otura, Granada

The center is a  2000 m2 lot and a one store house of 290 m2.

The outdoor area is broad and prepared to answer any need of the children movement wise and also to help them connect to nature.

We are in the middle of renovations at the moment.

Trying to make it as comfortable as possible for the children.

We will keep you posted.

Meet the Guides

Estefanía Albarrán

Assistant to Infancy AMI Guide

Master in Montessori Pedagogy (0-6 years) AMI Certified

Degree in Early Childhood Education - University of Granada

Yoga For Children Course ( Yoga Alliance International Certified)

Positive Discipline (Marisa Moya Certified)

First Aid for infants (Cruz Roja de Motril)

Sandra García

Assistant to Infancy AMI Guide

Master in Montessori Pedagogy (0-6 years) AMI Certified

Degree in Psychopedagogy - University of Zaragoza

Degree in Early Childhood Education - University of La Rioja

Experience as Guide at a Children's House (3-6 y.o.) in Helsinki-FInland



What is Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method was created by Dr. María Montessori as a response to the needs of development that she observed in the children she was taking care of from the mental asylum.

Later on she discovered that if the Method was to be applied to normal children, they developed much faster and more holistic than the ones put in a traditional school.

The Method is based on the observation of the child, put into a prepared environment adequate to his developmental needs and through this observation, see in which moment of development she is and give assistance to his needs by means of a trained adult. This will help the child prepare for the rest of her life.

Also, with the help of a trained adult, it can be applied at home, to create a starting point that will be later on continued at the school.

From the moment they are born, to the 6 years of age, children need to learn how to adapt to their environment, they do it through exploration of the environment and the culture they live in. Therefore, it is imperative to offer them the reality so they can understand the world they live in and acquire the most precise knowledge.

This is the reason why in the Montessori environment we prepare it with love and dedication, only with real and realistic materials, whereas instead of plastic we use wood, fabric, metal and glass; things that are beautiful, clean and fragile. With this we want the children to DO things, not just PRETEND, so they can become independent and self motivated to learn about the daily life.

What does AMI stand for?

AMI stands for Association Montessori Internationale. Their headquarters are in Amsterdam, Holland, was the first Montessori Association created in the world.

Founded in 1929 by Dr. María Montessori herself and her son, with the mission to protect the integrity of her work and keep the high standards of formation to anyone who wants to apply or learn her method.

Próximos eventos
Sat, Mar 07
Montessori Community Granada
Disciplina Positiva para familias y educadores
Aprende a utilizar técnicas de disciplina positiva en tu casa o en la clase.
Tue, Sep 01
Montessori Community Granada
1º Curso de Asistente Montessori para 0-3 años, Certificado por AMI
Ven y aprende a observar el desarrollo del niño de acuerdo a la metodología Montessori. Disfrutar de estos 3 primeros años de vida del niño no tiene precio. Impartido por una entrenadora de la AMI (Assotiation Montessori Internationale), y certificado por la AMI.


If you have any questions or want to know more, write us here, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Calle Camacho 6, 18630 Otura, Granada, Spain



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